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Our IT Services

Karma Solutions Inc provides Research & Development and Software Product Engineering that extends software development capacity and drives innovation. By combining a global delivery model with local management and shared control, Karma becomes both an extension and an appreciating asset of your organization to help you measurably improve product competitiveness..

Karma Technology

Hardware Layer

To See the on-premise hardware, servers etc. and provide if necessary.

Network Layer

We provide the requisite network equipments and bandwidth to connect to Karma’s hosted data centres. Based on the bandwidth required, we provide the necessary network connections partnering with our network providers.

Common Office Application Layer

We deliver all the office solutions relevant for SMBs. These include solutions such as document management, email, collaboration suite and other office software.

Common Business Application Layer

We address the solution needs at a business level. This includes finance & accounting, CRM, HR management, payroll and project management system.

Core Vertical Application Layer

We address core industry vertical solution needs through a comprehensive ERP Our solutions and services span the following industry segments: Manufacturing | Financial | Insurance | Government | Retail | Water Treatment | Agriculture.

Business Analytics

We address niche vertical application requirements including detailed business analytics.