The power of DOING

Our Strategy- Your Path to Success

Our time-tested strategy produces sound and sustainable IT solutions for every facet of your business operations, right down to the smallest detail.

Our team of professional developers are held to high standards. In accordance with our many years of experience, we have developed a methodology that has produced consistent results across the board.

Karma Methodology

Karma Seeing

Its all about seeing the things 'as they are' .
No atmospheric talk.
No speculations.
No assumptions.
Deep insights into process and systems here our role is of seeker.

Karma Knowing

Deep Insights of processes give clues of Cause& Effect chain.
“This is about synthesizing and not just accumulation of data.”
In addition to regular regular Flow charts and observations, Karma Knowing takes a deep dive into the following Where we could improve?
What could be the alternative process/system?
Do we need any change in system for it? Do we need any extra training? Resource?

Our case-specific technology audit and data gathering provides us with a detailed and comprehensive picture of your existing network architecture, IT infrastructure and working environment. Our goal is to make state-of-the-art technology work for you

Karma Enlightenment

Floor plan with actionable points for all process/system
Where to improve?
Why to improve/What are desired results?
Who will be accountable?
What needs to be improved

Our research and analysis is summarized in a proposal for individually designed solutions that suit your business. Our report will recommend a course of action with clearly defined objectives, an architecture map and a detailed plan.

Karma Mantra

‘Mantra’ carries dynamic energy which Needs to be properly channelized. We will build a system based on our findings, fitting the system in your business, unlike ‘fitting your business in our product

Karma Solutions Inc manages all aspects of the implementation process, including design, procurement, project management, testing, training and documentation. During the implementation process, we make sure to work closely with your existing IT team to produce the best possible results

Karma Guru

“What gets measured gets done”Generating reports, analyzing them, reframing processes is an on-going activity. Business Intellegence is an important value addition for all businesses We will be with you in this journey as your extended arm. Ensuring that your technology performs optimally and securely at all times is our job. Karma Solutions Inc provides solutions that continuously monitor, assess and track the performance and security of your network and applications."

Our uniquely designed approach to systems maintenance and support helps you to reduce costs by managing your systems with greater efficiency. We provide enhanced system stability with scheduled visits and round-the-clock troubleshooting that's just a phone call or a network alert away.