The power of DOING


The core industries we cater to are listed below.

Banking & Financial Services

IT technologies and processes could enable banks and financial institutions not just reduce costs but also enhance customer experience and banking efficiency. In today’s time pressed environment, IT could be the factor that can help them gain as well as retain more and more customers. Karma delivers IT solutions and services for the Banking & Financial Services industry by leveraging disruptive technologies and trends — Mobility, Cloud, Social Media, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Unified Communication, integrated with Infrastructure Management Services and Security. Our financial services experts identify process and technology problems, leverage industry standards to map out solutions and enhance business efficiency.


Rising demand puts pressure on agribusinesses to increase productivity and operational efficiency across the value chain, while managing risk. At such a junction IT can be one of the most useful and appropriate solution for the industry. Karma is at the intersection of business and technology, empowering producers to grow and shape operating models to cultivate high performance.


The insurance industry continues to face pressure from increasingly tech-savvy customers and decreasing demand in mature markets, even as more and more markets are getting matured. As a result, insurers are seeing an increasing need to expand in core and emerging markets with innovative and customized products and services for changing consumer demographics. IT solutions from Karma can help Insurance businesses in several ways – improve efficiencies, enhance operations and business processes through the use of next-generation technologies. With smart solutions, informed interactions and efficient operations, we have been delivering benefits for our insurance clients. Our broad range of insurance solutions offers modern, functionally rich applications to help insurers of all sizes achieve high performance. It could be your tool to break into new markets, keep current customers satisfied, get more customers and also increase revenue opportunities.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Karma offers a broad array of consultation and solutions for Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech companies. Karma’s Healthcare Business Consulting services address the industry trends and market forces that are driving business and IT spend—from rethinking new business models to optimizing operations and enabling technology innovation.

Water Treatment

Water, an invaluable resource is unavailable for many. We have been partnering with consultants in water supply sector to empower them with IT to give their solutions the edge and ease of IT. They have been providing consultancy services in the water supply sector for almost 60 years to a range of countries across the world. Karma is providing end to end solutions to NJS India. We’re developing a responsive, custom-made ERP application for them and working on business strategies that will empower their business and in turn the world.


We have been undertaking a number of projects for the government which is spread across categories and needs. To run a country is the biggest challenge. And we’re playing the role of making this an easier, well-managed and dependable process through IT.